Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dan River Stripes - 1948

If you are buried under ice and snow, this image should warm you up a bit.  From 1948, Ciro's swim suit and companion dress, both made from Dan River Dantone combed cotton in a woven stripe.  All pieces came in black stripes on yellow, pink or aqua.  Look how perfectly those stripes are matched at the center front of the skirt!

Read more about Dan River here.  It's a sad story.

Photo from a full page ad that appeared in Mademoiselle, 1948.


Louise said...

Lovely- we have had 20 days of solid rain here so the opportunity to wear clothing like this is just not happening right now!
I agree that it is sad about Dan River, and all too common. Are there any large textile mills left in America? It's the same here in England- they are all gone. What was once a major industry that employed thousands has been destroyed because paying people fair wages in a first world country wasn't seen as worth saving. Many people today would rather have poorly made clothes made in deplorable conditions and save a few pounds (or dollars).
Anyways, I will climb off my soapbox. This is a real issue to me but sometimes I feel like there aren't many others who agree (but I am glad to know that you are of a like mind Jody!)

Fashionista said...

Companion dress! What an excellent phrase, one that is going straight into my fashion lexicon. It should make Miss15's eyes roll no end. :)

I do love your outfit posts, they are such pretty pictures.

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