Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Monte-Sano and Pruzan Suit, 1966

Monte-Sano and Pruzan was a high-end maker of tailored suits and coats based in New York.  For the Fall of 1966, they embrace the Mod era with a marvelous wool check enhanced with gold lurex threads for sparkle.  The knee-grazing length of the skirt would still appeal to the company's classic clients by being just mini enough, as would the appearance of the gloves in the photo.  Remember though, most women had abandoned wearing gloves by this time.  There is no notation of who made the shoes, but aren't they wonderful?

Photo by John Engstead for I. Magnin, appeared in Harper's Bazaaar,1966


deang said...

Those shoes are wonderful, I especially love the seemingly detached ankle strap, but, just like the gloves and the knee-grazing skirt, their needle-thin stilletto heels were a conservative element by 1966, intended to appeal to this company's classic clients. By 1966, most designers were showing low, even flat, blocky heels and rounded or square toes with the new mini lengths.

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